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Please make sure you read the following before you make any brush requests.

Sometimes I like to help out and create brushes for others. I've done it in the past and it has turned out nicely. So I figured what the hay, lets try it again. I have done over a hundred brush sets, this does not include converting them for GIMP and Photoshop. Paintshop Pro is my primarily graphic program I use when making the brushes and than I convert them for GIMP and Photoshop users.

So lets get started going over a few things before the form you fill out.

-All lyrics and text must be provided for these sets.
    -Lyrics: Make sure you provide the artist name as well. If there is a particular part from the song you want, you may post that.

-If you are requesting a design set, please let me know what you would like or looking for. Please visit my galleries for ideas and see what I have done.

-Fill out the whole form before sending it off to me.

-The number of brushes will depend on what you want and/or send me.
    -Design sets range from 5-10 brushes per set.
    -Lyrics/Text sets range from 10-15 brushes per set.
    -Name Stamp range from 5-8 brushes with 5 different styles.

-One brush set at a time. Once you receive your finished set, you may request again.

-You will receive a preview, image pack and your brushes.
-You will have the option choosing exclusive or open.
    -Exclusive brushes are meant only for you. I will only post the preview image. With exclusive, you may not share them.
    -Open brushes, you are allowing me to share them with others as well as you letting others use them. This will allow me to share with PSP, PS & GIMP  and other users.

-If you are using something other than PSP, PS & GIMP, I will send you just the image pack.

-I have added a new brush idea. Not only do you have the choice to choose between Design, Lyrics or Text, you have the option to choose name stamps. A name stamp is your info whether it's a member name, DA addy, e-mail address etc... I will allow 5 different name stamps. I will make a few different styles for you to choose from. This way you can change things up.

-The size of the brushes will vary unless you state other wise. For example, if you want icon size, I will make them small enough to fit on 100x100 icons. You have the option for mix sizes.

-I am not accepting textures at this time. I might later on but currently not now.

-If there is a problem when you go to use them, you need to tell me what that problem is so we can fix it.

-Once you are done filling out the form you have to send it either through PM on DA or you may e-mail it to me at with the subject: Brush Request. I keep track of everything for my records.

The Form

What Kind (Text, Lyrics, Design, Name Stamp):
What Did You Want (Place your lyrics/text, name stamp/design info here):
What Size Brushes:
Exclusive or Open:
What Program (PSP, PS, GIMP, Image Pack Only):
E-mail Address (To send you the final zip):
Additional Info (Anything else you may want me to know):

*Brush requests are a privilege, don't abuse it or be a nag on when your brushes will be done. Please allow at least a week for them to be done. This is just to be on the safe side. Just know they do take time.*

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.
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I am finally caught up on all my brushes. All brushes are there for Paintshop Pro, Photoshop and GIMP. There are image packs with each brush set in case you don't have one of the three programs. Each brush set states what program they are for so whatever you don't, please don't comment that they don't work for PSP when it obviously states that they are photoshop brushes.

What is on the list to do now?

    -Well, I will be taking a break from creating brushes and working on a Request like journal explaining what you need to do to request a brush set from me. So look for that coming in a bit.
    -Shout out if you like that idea.

If at any given time you have a problem with one of my brush sets for whatever the reason is, PLEASE message me with the problem and together we can figure out how to get it to work for you. I can't do anything if I don't know what it is.
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Updated as of 6/25/14

Each brush set has a new image preview along with a new zip file. Some brushes were updated.

Winter Wonderland
Stars and Hearts
Splatter Brushes 3, 4
Splatter Brushes 1-2 NEW
Skulls and Hearts
Random Floral Set 1
Random Brushes Set 3
Pretty Floral Set 2
Pretty Design
Big Random Brushes
Christmas Brushes
Floral Brushes
Box Design
Butterflies Set 1
Tiny Fairies
Fairies Set 1, 2
Fight No More
Random Text Sets 4, 5, 6
Small Text
1000 Words
Christmas Text
Crawling In The Dark
Gotta Find You
Wait For You

Brushes that were Replaced
Please make sure that you update your favorites with the new set.

Floral Design Set 1, 2
Floral Set 1, 2, 3, 4
Flower Brushes
Pretty Butterflies
Tiny Decs.
Fly Away
Bed of Roses
Better Than Me
Dance With Me
Feelings and Love
Fluffy Love Sets 1, 2, 3
Random Text Sets 1, 2, 3
When The Lights Go Out

Brushes that needs Replacing
These brushes are still apart of the long list of brushes that need to be replaced cause for whatever reason, DA won't let me update.

Pretty Floral 1
Pretty Floral Boxes
Pretty Borders
Leafy Design
Pretty Stars
Music of My Soul
Hearts of Roses
Hearts of Passion
Swirly Swirl
Random Brushes Set 1, 2
Stars of Heaven
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6 months later...

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 22, 2009, 1:01 PM

Thank You...

It's been 6 months today since my mom had passed away and it still kills me just thinking about it. I want to cry, but I can't. I want to scream but I won't. She had a simple funeral, one us kids knew that she would like. I know she would be proud.

I know most of you do not know me but sent your regards anyways. I was stunned at how many messages I got. It made me cry when I read them. It's weird how you get more from strangers than you do from your own family.

I know I haven't answered them, I didn't know what to say. It's such a touchy issue that I'm afraid that wall will break and come tumbling down.

But from my heart and I know from my brother and sister too. Thank you guys. All you who have sent me messages I am grateful. It touched my heart.

A Silly Little Guess *UPDATE*

:iconmorrighan03: Is the winner of this simply little guessing game.
I had spelled boundaries wrong the first time. I'm still amazed at myself for not catching it.

Congrats on your win.

What Kind: Guess what's wrong from the picture
Deadline: First person to PM me the answer
What do you get: 3 month subscription & A Journal Feature

This is first come first serve. You MUST PM me your answer in order to win.

I did not catch this, a friend at work did when I showed her my Bound By Fate cover I had made not that long ago. There is a spelling mistake so when I got home, I quickly fixed it and replaced it here. Now I came up with this that day but haven't had much time until now to do it.

Provided are both the book covers of Bound By Fate that I made. Can you guess what mistake I did?…

The first person to PM me, will win.

Also does anyone know what the centering code is. I can't find it anywhere. lol

Other News

~My baby (son) is a year now. I whole year has past. Damn where did the time go. lol Here's a pic from his birthday party:…

~My first ever, DD that I had received back in April, yeah it was deleted. It sucked ass but what can I do about it. Bitching won't get you no where now a days.

~THE COWS ARE COMING!!!!!! hahahahahaha

That's it for this time....


:iconcssdesigns: :iconclubdirectory: :iconden-of-the-troll: :iconvampyrearmy: :iconecssited: :iconfreeavatarproject: :iconnew-moon-club:

Copyright info

My gallery is (c) *insert real name here* and none of the images may be used for anything without expressed written permission!

CSS by kuschelirmel-stock based on Chickadee by kuschelirmel
Additional brushes by jsmonzani & MouritsaDA-Stock
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Well while I sat here waiting to get tired so I could go to sleep, lol I thought I would put together Vol 2. of my resources of 3D Stockers and their wonderful stocks.

If at any time, the stockers that I have mentioned would like to be removed, please feel free to let me know and I will take you off.

If anyone else knows any 3D stockers that I have missed, drop me a line and I'll add them to the list.

Check out Vol. 1 here:…

*NOTE* Make sure that you read their rules before using one of their stocks. Some will have more then others and also make sure you check out their accounts for even more 3D stocks like Objects, Backgrounds, Brushes, Animals, Tutorials and so much more.


Dragon - Nov 3 07 by markopolio-stock Dragon Green Aug 26C by markopolio-stock Skeleton - Praying - JPG by markopolio-stock Wings 1 by markopolio-stock Dragon Sleep by markopolio-stock Wings - Angel 6 by markopolio-stock Dragon - Red 2 by markopolio-stock Sea Dragon 1 by markopolio-stock
Dragon Green Aug 26B by markopolio-stock Horns and Tails by markopolio-stock


:thumb66759083: :thumb66952346: :thumb66817642: :thumb64464762: :thumb49316976: :thumb29620781: :thumb25746399: :thumb19907736:


Gothic Rose-Figure Stock by shd-stock Strike-a-Pose1-Figure Stock by shd-stock Merman I-Figure Stock by shd-stock Nobleman I-Figure Stock by shd-stock Autumn Bench by shd-stock Fall Male Fae by shd-stock Native American Figures by shd-stock Window Seat by shd-stock Fantasy Tiaras by shd-stock




Sooooo Hot by Stock-by-Dana Asher- Male stock by Stock-by-Dana Grown Up Cherub by Stock-by-Dana A Horde of Trolls by Stock-by-Dana Anita: Deep thoughts by Stock-by-Dana Garden Fairy v2 by Stock-by-Dana Tiffany v2 by Stock-by-Dana Wish on a Star by Stock-by-Dana Denim-n-Lace by Stock-by-Dana Wistful Thoughts by Stock-by-Dana Ezzy V3 by Stock-by-Dana Beauty V3 by Stock-by-Dana


Eclipse by stock4profs Angyi by stock4profs Surprise pack by stock4profs shy by stock4profs Harpist by stock4profs Purplem by stock4profs

Mature Content

Naked by stock4profs
Moon Princess by stock4profs I am Waiting by stock4profs Queen of Spiders by stock4profs Forest Fae by stock4profs Elven Scout by stock4profs


Jewelry Pack by BlackStock by TW3DSTOCK TW3D Faerie Tale bed by TW3DSTOCK TW3D Pretty Girly Girls by TW3DSTOCK TW3D Two Tigers by TW3DSTOCK TW3D Happy and Wicked Elves by TW3DSTOCK TW3D Blue Warrior by TW3DSTOCK TW3D Weapons Pack 2 by TW3DSTOCK TW3D Archer by TW3DSTOCK


:thumb75710827: :thumb73564736: :thumb73401067: :thumb67276776: :thumb62983898: :thumb58520534: :thumb57401745: :thumb57401375: :thumb55094640: :thumb52868503:


Couples Historical pack of 3 by xxx-0x0-xxx Elephants pack of 8 by xxx-0x0-xxx Fae and Unicorn by xxx-0x0-xxx Dark Unicorns pack of 3 by xxx-0x0-xxx Romantic couple pack of 3 by xxx-0x0-xxx Fairies pack of 3 by xxx-0x0-xxx CatGirl pack of 3 by xxx-0x0-xxx Dragon and Eggs by xxx-0x0-xxx


Dress 51 by HarleyBliss Dress 25 by HarleyBliss Dress 17 by HarleyBliss Mermaid 11 by HarleyBliss Otter Pack by HarleyBliss Manatee Pack by HarleyBliss Fae Wings by HarleyBliss Grey Cat Pack by HarleyBliss Waterfall Oasis by HarleyBliss Mermaid Tail Pack2 by HarleyBliss


Protection by hafeetsoft Souls collector by hafeetsoft Butterfly - 001 by hafeetsoft Awakening Touch by hafeetsoft


Emma Frost   psd by taterstock Merrin Faerie  PSD by taterstock Faerie Merrin Pack PSD by taterstock Merrin Tubes by taterstock Gothic fae PSD by taterstock Aiko 2 .psd by taterstock Krystal the Eire Elf by taterstock Daisy Tubes by taterstock Rufus Tube Pack by taterstock

If I come across anymore along my way I'll be sure to do another. At this moment, this concludes my resources. I hope you guys find them useful.
I've seen a lot of news articles on stocks and while I was looking at them, I've noticed that very few had 3D stocks to them. An occasional piece here and there but that's about it. Though there was nothing wrong with that because a lot of the articles had some really amazing stocks mentioned.

But I figured, since my creativity muse and my inspiration muse took off together (go figure) for Hawaii on vacation without warning, I've decided that I would put together my own news articles on 3D Stockers and their wonderful stocks.

Below is a list of members and some of their stocks they so kindly posted for us to use. These members I had favored over time looking for stocks to use, so there are quite a few of them. That is why I decided to do two separate articles. Vol.2 will be out soon.

If at any time, the stockers that I have mentioned would like to be removed, please feel free to let me know and I will take you off.

If anyone else knows any 3D stockers that I have missed, drop me a line and I'll add them to the list.

*NOTE* Make sure that you read their rules before using one of their stocks. Some will have more then others and also make sure you check out their accounts for even more 3D stocks like Objects, Backgrounds, Brushes, Animals, Tutorials and so much more.


Mature Content

Figure and pose pack 6 by 3DigitalStock

Mature Content

Figure and pose pack3 by 3DigitalStock
Ocean queen pack by 3DigitalStock Elemental crown pack by 3DigitalStock   Leaf throne pack by 3DigitalStock Seadragon pack 1 by 3DigitalStock Seaserpent pack 1 by 3DigitalStock Fairy tale items by 3DigitalStock


:thumb69966405: Mech Girl PNG Stock Pack 1 by Alegion-stock Griffen 1 PSD by Alegion-stock Ryche 12 PNG Stock by Alegion-stock


Maribelle Part 1 by Artress-Stock Maribelle Part 2 by Artress-Stock Lucero Part 1 by Artress-Stock Pearl Part 1 by Artress-Stock Grown 8 by Artress-Stock Geisha Hair Props by Artress-Stock Light Butterfly Wings 1 by Artress-Stock Ana Package 1 by Artress-Stock


Forest Throne03 Stock by BrokenWing3dStock Earthy Gazebo by BrokenWing3dStock Ceremonial Prop01 by BrokenWing3dStock Golden Throne by BrokenWing3dStock


Anime 3D Stock - NearMe PNG by Cybrea-Stock


January GGC RF Stock 007 by GypsySprite January GGC RF Stock 006 by GypsySprite January GGC RF Stock 003 by GypsySprite July Stock 01 by GypsySprite Stock Girl 03 by GypsySprite


:thumb72133422: :thumb70274667: :thumb69562164: :thumb69567137: :thumb71237824: :thumb71241470: :thumb57302889: :thumb59098105: :thumb69816456: :thumb57606537: :thumb58424102: :thumb72215515:



Faeries Pack 5 by joannastar-stock Weapons Pack 2 - Staves by joannastar-stock Faeries Pack 3 by joannastar-stock Weapons Pack 1 - Blades by joannastar-stock


:thumb75486336: :thumb74998985: :thumb25590230: :thumb24819942: :thumb32504556: :thumb35398030: :thumb50070758: :thumb51274282: :thumb57153345: :thumb64015191: :thumb62726418: :thumb61170254:


Sprite Stock 2 by Moonchilde-Stock Tomb 4 Stock plus pgn by Moonchilde-Stock Tomb 2 Stock plus png by Moonchilde-Stock


:thumb63171507: :thumb70821055: :thumb70806670: :thumb64655644: :thumb64656388:

I have more to add but I figured that I would give you a taste of what is to come. The next part will be out soon.